Creative Writing

I love to write.

The thoughts from my mind/brain escape through my fingers and the keyboard onto these pages.

sometimes it is prose – most of the times. at times it is verse, you can decide if it can be called poetry.

I write on a variety of topics and if it is not on specific categories that are already listed separately on my site, you will find it here. If I find a pattern to all that I have written, I could subcategorize them someday.

Someday I hope to be just a thinker and writer, not anything else.

You cannot be just a thinker, because unless your thinking is shared with the world, it is of no use. the best way to express the thinking in your mind  I believe is through writing. One can also speak and share but that is face to face and not in this medium.

I am currently working on a book – It is a story and when I complete writing it. I hope to put it up here !!

One thought on “Creative Writing”

  1. Dear Mr.Ananthasayana,

    Impressive! So inspiring to learn of your this dimension which I was not privy to!

    Hope to learn and be inspired from your site and with grace, start sharing by overcoming my mind blocks to articulate my thoughts sooner than latter.



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