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This website is the medium for the public expression of my thoughts – what I have learnt, what I have experienced andĀ the impressions that eventsĀ and interactions of my life have left in me.

These are categorized into some sections

My work is in I.T. Hence the section on Information Technology

I believe God is the super analyst/programmer as per whose design all our lives run, hence the section on Religion

Anything that is not in these two sections in Creative Writing

Feel free to leave a comment about what I have written and its usefulness to you

Thank you for visiting the site

8 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Tiruppavai in english was very useful as many of the younger generations including my son may not able to read/write tamil, hence this one will benefit a lot in the future. There are also lot information sharing in this site will be useful to all.

  2. Hare Krishna! Thanks so much for that comprehensive yet succinct translation of Thiruppavai in English, so we may meditate easily on the real goal of human life.

  3. I like your website. Andal, IT and creative writing., this sounds a bit like my world. Looking forward to see more of your thoughts. Good work, thank you.

  4. Hare Krishna & Hari Bol.
    Thanks to your wonderful presentation I am beginning to understand this beautiful composition. Great job!

  5. Sir,
    came to this website after learning about it on your LinkedIn profile. A poet and an engineer, that is marvelous!
    with best regards

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